Outreach for Hope Bike Ride

Around the Corner with John the Intern

Biker rides (walks) in… Congratulations on a successful neighborhood camp this summer!  Isn’t it wonderful that Outreach for Hope sponsors such a great activity for so many kids…not only at our church but around the area.Did you know that there is an Outreach for Hope activity coming up – can you guess what it is? John – I’m guessing a bike ride??

The Outreach for Hope bike ride is coming up on Saturday, September 7.  This ride accounts for nearly half of the annual revenue needed to fund over 20 ministries.  And this year, there is a Racine/Kenosha area ride in Petrified Springs park. You can ride the entire 12 mile course or a portion of the course, enjoy a picnic lunch and fellowship with other participants.
John – sounds like fun, but what if I’m not able to ride?
Volunteers are needed to help with registration, distributing lunch and guiding riders along the trail.  Or you can sign up as a virtual rider.  Generous sponsors will be donating funds for everyone who registers as a volunteer or a virtual rider.
John – I’d love to help, but I have other plans that day.
No worries, we have an answer for that too!  You can make a donation or sponsor a rider or donate to their fundraising page.  Thanks to matching funds, each dollar donated is doubled and additional funds are donated for everyone who sets up a fundraising page and for each pledge to donate.
John – it sounds like fun, but does a bike ride really make that much difference?
The fundraising goal for this year’s bike ride is $110,000.  That may seem like a lot, but over the last 11 years, the bike ride has raised over $850,000.
All the specific information can be found on the Outreach for Hope website or just ask Pastor Karen or Intern John!

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