2021/22 LCR Visioning Document:

Greetings LCR,

Attached below is all the information we have collected during the fall of 2021 regarding our vision process. This includes the results from the congregational survey, the LCR internal focus groups, Racine Community external focus groups and a demographic study from the area around our church.
The visioning team took time to review all this data and will use this report for our visioning retreat this weekend as we gather with Pastor John Holm and 3 others churches who are also going through this process as well right now.  We look forward to further conversation and visioning for the future of LCR and coming back with more information and questions to consider for our future.
Please take time to look through this report (hard copies will be available in the office tomorrow 2/23) and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact any of the people on the team by this Friday before we head to our retreat.
Peace – Pastor Karen & The Visioning Team


Members of LCR Vision Team:
• Tony Baumgardt        • Mary Hauch
• Dawn Jacobson        • Dave Backman
• Connie Gardner         • Lynette Jacobson
• John & Cristy Cline    • Cheryl Cieczka
• Pastor Karen Pahl      • Pastor Kelly Nieman Anderson