Worship During COVID-19
November 2020 Message from the Church Council
Greetings Lutheran Church of the Resurrection –
It has been a very different year in 2020 for all of us, and like most of you I am feeling a lot of fatigue surrounding COVID. The pandemic has caused us to re-think how we have lived out our mission and ministry at LCR and how we have stayed in touch with each other. As I have stated in the past, one way that I stayed in touch with my Church Family was to attend worship on Sunday and visit with friends over coffee in between services. I, like many of you, long for the day that we will be able to see each other face to face without a mask and smile to smile again.
The Council met in the middle of October and voted to move toward in-person worship. We did raise concern over the growing number of COVID positive tests cases and that a continued rise in cases may alter our position. The Council wants to make every effort to open our church to in-person worship when we feel that it is safe for all who choose to attend and volunteer. Due to the recent rise in cases in WI and Racine County, I called an Executive Committee Meeting last night (10/26) and we have agreed to suspend our plans for any in-person gatherings until the next Council Meeting on November 16th. We will be holding Drive-In Worship at 10am this Sunday (11/1) in the parking lot and continue to do so with the following; appropriate weather, enough volunteers, and people pre-registering to attend (which assists with contact tracing).
Currently positive cases in our area are higher now than when we initially closed back in March. While we recognize there are more tests being performed, the percentage of positives (18%) is very concerning and what is driving our current decision.
The Executive Committee and I are both saddened and frustrated by our current situation. Please know that your church leaders do not take any of these decisions lightly and we continue to review many details before finalizing our decision, including understanding that some surrounding ELCA churches and other denominations have opened. We are praying and hopeful that the current rate of positive test cases begin to decline soon and we can resume planning and scheduling of in-person worship.
Tony Baumgardt – LCR Council President, (262)770-7107
Harold Holm – Vice President
Lynda Voll – Secretary
Leah Kruger – Treasurer