Worship During Fall 2021
We are currently gathering for our Advent Season of Worship!
Join us on Sunday at 8am & 10am as we worship remembering together, we take time to pause, to remember and wait for the birth of our Lord.  The birth of Jesus Christ happened exactly at them tight moment in history, in the fullness of time. This marvelous even – carefully prepared for and orchestrated by God – unveiled the coming of Jesus, the fulfillment of God’s plan of redemption for all people.
We also gather on Wednesday for mid-week worship for a respite from our crazy week at Noon & 6:30pm
Join us as we explore and learn journey more in this season together and blessings to all of you as our Emmanuel, God-with-us, guides your Advent Season, in anticipation of the joy of Christmas.
We just finished Season 1 of the Chosen as sermon series….
If you want to watch on your computer click this link: https://thechosen.tv
Please note we will keep the front page of our website updated related to masking for COVID protocols.
Tony Baumgardt – LCR Council President, (262)770-7107
Harold Holm – Vice President
Lynda Voll – Secretary
Leah Kruger – Treasurer
Karen Pahl – Senior Pastor