September 2019 Holman’s Update

September 14, 2019 The Waja team has had some setbacks in the last month. The internet connection with Nigeria was not good, and the main translator had some health issues. They have completed their team check of 1 Corinthians, so I’m preparing notes for checking the last seven chapters. It’s a difficult book to translate! Pray that I would be able to finish before we leave for Nigeria on October 3. The L team now has five chapters in Matthew left to team-check. Pray for them to finish soon so that Tom can check it while we’re in Nigeria. We will have a young woman named Angela with us on this trip. She’s interested in becoming involved in the ministry of Bible translation. Pray for a special time for her. And please pray for all of us, for safe travels, good health, and a productive time of working together. Thank you for your prayer and financial support! Warmly in Christ, Mary and Tom Holman

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