Greetings LCR

Greetings LCR! What an incredible summer of ministry it has been!  We have been blessed with outdoor worship, although we have only been outside a few times because of our wet summer.  We were also blessed to join in with the Racine ELCA Neighborhood Camp with three other churches and have 50 kids 5th grade and younger along with the SALT middle school youth serving around our community. Many of these kids went home every day with new relationships, smiles on their faces, excitement for the next day and a full stomach. It was amazing to see all of our staff and volunteers step up to make this camp come to life and happen for the last 5 weeks.  This would not have happened without them and without the generous financial and resources gifts of supplies that were given by you the congregation and it’s friends.  We cannot thank you enough!!!   Over the next few weeks we are asking you to give us your input on which mission statement you best think reflects the life and ministry of LCR moving forward.  You have shared your thoughts, comments and input of what you value as a congregation which includes; preaching, teaching, community, prayer, fellowship and worship. You also lift up the importance of our children and youth along with the importance of reaching out to serve in our Racine community and beyond.  The Congregational Council has kept your thoughts, comments and the life and faith of this congregation at heart as we pulled together the three mission statement options for LCR. We want this mission statement to be an anchor for our ministry as we have been called to unfold amazing ministry in Jesus’ name each and every day.  Please take time to fill out the mission statement survey and rank the options so we can make a final selection for this fall!

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