Council President Letter to the Congregation

Greetings LCR Members,

The council announced to all of you in October 2019 that we were forming an Exploratory Team to prayerfully take time to review various pieces of information. This information is what we have gathered about our current Mission at LCR, the prior ministry site profile, and the roles and responsibilities of our current staffing. This will help us to understand what our options are to replace Dori after she retires in the Spring and incorporate the pastoral intern responsibilities as well. These transitions in staffing give us an opportunity to re-evaluate what our needs are as we vision for the future at LCR.


Since this announcement, I have heard some questions and thought it would be beneficial to share some the current information about the steps we are working through, the status of the process, and timing of the next steps.


What are the steps we are taking to determine the staffing needs?

  1. Form an Exploratory Team – a mix of our members and they will:
    1. Review Staffing needs – aligning to our mission and vision
    2. Refresh the Ministry Site Profile
    3. Recommend a staffing position to Council, including a job description and how this will assist us in fulfilling the mission of the church.
  2. Gain approval from the congregation during the Annual Meeting.


What is an Exploratory Team?

A small team of current members to manage the process. Members of the team to include members from the following groups/committees: Current Council – Dave Backmann, Representative from Pastor Karen’s Call Committee – Luanne Riedel, Parish Ed – Kathy Ramke, Youth Ministry – Carrie Black, (2) at large members – Aaron Kozlik & Sarah Brusky, and a Youth – Emily Schinkowitch.


What is the role of the Exploratory Team?

Work to understand the staffing needs/wants and align them with the Mission and Vision of the church. Plus make a recommendation to the Council on a pathway forward.


When will we hear the outcome of the review?

Once the recommendation has been approved by the Council we will share that outcome, the budgetary impact, and the next steps during the Annual Meeting on January 26, 2020.


How do we get candidates?

In order to gather candidates for an Associate Pastor/Deacon and interview, the ELCA and the Greater Milwaukee Synod use a process – “The Call Process.” This process starts with gaining a full understanding of what a congregation is working to achieve and what skills will be required to obtain the mission of the church. We are using the Exploratory Committee to work on this part of the process and assist the council in determining the type of position needed to achieve our Mission and Vision. Once we have all of this documented and approved by the Congregation, we will submit the requirements to the Greater Milwaukee Synod, from this point we will work with the Synod Office to arrange discussions with qualified candidates.


Can we just hire Intern John?

No, we cannot just hire Intern John. He still have many steps to complete over the next 6 months or so to work towards is official ordination in the ELCA as a pastor.

  1. He has to complete his internship at LCR in early January.
  2. He has to graduate from Luther Seminary in early 2020.
  3. He has to be approved by the Greater Milwaukee Synod Candidacy Committee for Ordination in early December.
  4. He has to go through the Churchwide AssignmentProcess – This is where he is assigned to a particular region of the country (He does not know where this will be at this time – although be does have preferences)

*Note: this is a very stressful time for Intern John and his family. Please keep them in your thoughts & Prayers. They have many decisions ahead that they need to prayerfully make for their family and future.


What if you have additional questions?

Please feel free to call or email me.


Mobile Phone: (262) 770-7107


Grace and Peace to you,

Tony Baumgardt,

Congregational President


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