Cheerful Giving

We look forward to starting our series on “Cheerful Giving” Sunday, September 29th with weekly reflections on God’s Word, hearing stories from members of LCR and exploring our new mission for the future. Below is our schedule for the weeks ahead:
Date Scripture Topic Stewardship Emphasis Communications
9/29/2019 Luke 16:19-31 The Rich Man & Lazarus Wk 1: Mission / Story / Cheerful Giving  
10/6/2019 2 Tim 1:1-14 Luke 17: 5-10 Thanksgiving, Encouragement & Faith Wk 2: Story of Financial Giving Giving Chart
10/13/2019 Luke 17:11-19 Jesus Cleanses 10 Lepers Wk3: Story of Time & Talents Time & Talent Sheet
10/20/2019 9:30am Gen 32:22-31 Luke 18:1-8 Jacob Wrestles & The Widow & Unjust Judge Wk4: Story of Fiath/Greater Church Commitment Sunday / Congregational Meal Financial Commtment Sunday / Bishop Paul Erikson

This will be a great time to incorporate our new mission: We share the Resurrection by: Loving Jesus, Changing Lives and Reaching out to Serve into our sermon series, so we can explore what God has in store for LCR. The one thing we do know is that the mission cannot happen without all of us…as the hands and feet of Christ, cheerfully giving and being faithful stewards of what God has first given to us. Don’t forget to join us for our One Service Sunday at 9:30am on October 20, 2019 as we share our financial commitments during worship. Bishop Paul Erickson will be joining us for the day and sharing the message with LCR. After worship we will enjoy a potluck meal  in our fellowship hall for a time of conversation and fellowship together. Let’s join along in prayerfully exploring this series and commit ourselves to moving forward and giving thanks for our life, LCR family, ministry and mission.

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