August 2019 Holman’s Update

August 10, 2019 The one-volume publication of the first five books of the Old Testament in Anufo has been completed, and the team has taken delivery of the books! Praise God. Thank you for praying! We hope to have our own copy for you to see when we come to visit. Pray that the stories of God’s chosen people and his dealings with them in these books will touch the hearts of the Anufo, including those who still follow their traditional religion and those who follow the other majority religion in the area. Tom is helping the Anufo team with exegetical issues in 1 Samuel. Second Samuel is also ready for checking. He is also helping the L team in Nigeria make 1-2 Timothy and James ready for printing as well as making preparations to check the rest of Matthew with them in October. The Waja team and I are making progress on 1 Corinthians because the internet connection has been good lately. Pray for good health and strength for them as they work on 1 Corinthians and other books in preparation for our visit there from October 3-26. Warmly in Christ, Mary Mary and Tom Holman

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