About Us
OUR MISSION | What we do 
Growing a Welcoming Community of Christ
OUR VALUES | What we stand for and believe

Community Service / Generosity

Freely Accepting of all people

Youth Support

Spiritual Accessibility / Variety

Willingness to Change
OUR STRATEGIC PRIORITIES | How we carry out our mission

Every space in our facility is regularly and purposefully used to share God’s love

Create a safe and innovative community for young people to experience God’s love

Welcome adults into authentic relationships with Jesus and each other

Every person is engaged in a community service or mission project every year

Build our culture and identity around our core values and mission

We are fortunate enough that LCR represents our name, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. But how does this tell people who we are? We are motivated to Love Jesus, Change lives, and Reach Out to serve!
Read our Constitution here.
LCR is an ELCA Congregation